Sunday, July 12, 2009

First Puppy/Basic Obedience Class

Lily had her first puppy/basic obedience class today. I wrote a little about it over on Mia's blog.

Lily was not thrilled about having to stay in her crate in the car. She wouldn't stop whining and barking and about 30 minutes into the trip she knocked the crate over onto little Mia. When I stopped the car to get Mia out, Lily's cage was soaked with drool. She was so stressed that I just let her sit on my Mom's lap for the rest of the trip.

Lily did great during her class. She was focused (for the most part) and calm. I'm pretty sure there were six other dogs (a Golden Retriever Mix, a Pointer Mix, a Rottweiler, an Italian Greyhound, a Golden Retriever, and a Border Collie). Our trainer said that there would be a Jack Russell Terrier puppy next class too.

We mostly talked today and worked on leave it, coming when called, watch me, and sits/downs. All but one of the dogs already knew how to do sits and downs. Everyone seemed really nice. Two of the dogs have been in the class for a while: Ziggy the Iggy (Italian Greyhound) and the Rottweiler (Pita, I think). Most of the class Lily was sitting or lying at my feet. At one point she fell asleep under my chair. (Mia also fell asleep at her first puppy class.) She was friendly with the other dogs and really wanted to play with a few of them. I think she will do well in the class.

She definitely did not want to go in her crate (even with a frozen, stuffed kong) while it was Mia's turn though. So I held her while we were waiting and my Mom held her leash while it was Mia's turn. I think Lily might be developing some seperation anxiety and that has me worried. I am going to do some research tonight and figure out what I can do to prevent that from becoming any worse.

Needless to say, we are all exhausted. I'm surprised I am still awake. Mia and Lily have been asleep for about 3 hours.

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