Monday, July 27, 2009

Camp Bow Wow!

Lily had her first day at Camp Bow Wow last week on July 22. She passed her temperament test with flying colors and had a blast with the other campers! I got to watch her on the web cam on my breaks at work which was really cool. She liked to follow the employees around trying to get them to pet her. She also played with the other dogs and liked to go outside and run over the plastic mini dog walk type thing that they have. They said her favorite friend was a dog named Kate. They even feed her raw at lunch!

She had her second day today and was so excited when we started to walk in the door that she was pulling me and couldn't wait to go behind the gate to play with the other dogs!

Here are a couple of pictures that they took of her at camp:

She'll be going every Monday and most Wednesdays and I'm sure that she won't mind!

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